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Cookery Classes in Hong Kong

Mango Menus offers private and group classes to mothers and helpers so please email us here for details. If you are looking for more specialised classes, see below.




Cooking Chapters - Wet Market and Cookery Classes

Around a year ago, I had the pleasure of a wet market tour with the charming Ms Vivian Bradley, a Cantonese tutor with fluent English, and a very big foodie. This was super helpful for identifying some of the more obscure (to me anyway...) produce and hearing some of her cooking tips. She has now taken this to the next level and will be hosting wet market tours followed by cookery classes to make dishes such as the one to the right: beef with mushroom & oyster sauce above. Please find full details at Cooking Chapters where you can message Vivian to reserve a spot.




Loula Natural - Louise Kane Buckley teaches classes on kefir and fermenting and Mango Menus is a big fan! She presents her subject with an obvious wealth of experience, and no question is too silly, so ask away. She is down to earth, approachable and unsmug about her very natural way of living. Did you know she cleans her loo with kombucha and baking powder? She teaches at her home in Tsing Yi and the Courtyard Cafe in Sheung Wan. I left with the kefir bug and have been madly fermenting ever since. Click here for details.


Jacqueline Renee Cohen, who writes a blog Lantaumama, teaches classes at Sol Wellness on kefir and how to make this probiotic drink at home.


Thrive Foods HK: Kate Mercurio teaches practical and fun classes in vegetable fermentation (i.e. sauerkraut, kimchi, beets, carrots,), fermented drinks (i.e. water kefir, kombucha, kvass), culturing dairy (i.e. yogurt, milk kefir), broths and stocks, preparation of grains/legumes/nuts (soaking/sprouting/fermentation), making your own healthy and delicious sauces and dressings, traditional food preparation methods for vegetarian, negotiating the grocery store, choosing the best whole foods available and learning to read and interpret nutrition labels. Check 0ut her Facebook page for Thrive Foods HK.


Sprouts is run by Diana Boteva Gartner and offers healthy cooking classes for mothers and helpers.  She is an Ayurveda practitioner, specialising in nutrition with a background in macrobiotic nutrition. Overall she is passionate about cooking healthily and proving that what we eat can be enjoyable and healthy. The class concepts vary but usually begin with an introduction to legumes, using whole grains or nutrition according to the season. 3 or 4 dishes are cooked over 3 hours and cost is $400. Helpers'  classes prepare 2 dishes with step by step instructions. These last 1.5 hours and cost $200. There may be market tours too coming - stay tuned! Find Sprouts on Facebook.


Gluten Free baking classes are available at The Mixing Bowl in Sheung Wan here you can learn to make good gluten free bread that does not an arm and a leg! They will walk you through the process step by step to show you how to make the perfect mix. Baking something yourself is always rewarding and you can be sure to know what is going inside when you make it yourself.


Spicebox Organics is a health food store and online shop which offers healthy classes from time to time which you can see on their events page.




Dining at Home offers Indian cookery classes to mothers and helpers and has private dining in Sheung Wan.


Sav's Cooking offers Indian organic cooking classes for individuals and groups. Email




Anne's Thai Kitchen offers Thai cookery classes in Tung Chung or your own home (incurring additional transportation charges). The cost is $700 for 1 person or $1000 for two. Normally 2 dishes are taught and you take home the meals you have prepared, serving 2-4 people, and the recipes in Thai or English. Contact Anne at +852 6906 6979 or




CCHOUSE offers cookery classes for helpers and is based in the Sai Kung Area. For more details kindly email:


The YMCA offers cooking classes to helpers which you can find by clicking here.


Hong Kong Electric offers courses in English of which there are currently classes in Indian/Pakistani cooking, European cakes, Chinese cuisine and Tiramisu.

Cooking Chapters

Cooking Chapters

Wet Market Tours and Cookery Classes

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