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Mango Menus' Guide to Dried Goods in Hong Kong

The markets and tiny streets sell many dried goods at a fraction of the prices of those in the store. Look out for nuts, apricot kernels, goji berries and more, usually coming from China. For imported goods, the supermarkets stock most items, but often for the lowest prices, there is only one place to shop: iherb


Iherb is a US based website who deliver quickly and cheaply to Hong Kong. My last order took just 2 days to arrive. They tend to stock mainly US and organic/eco/green brands of wholegrain pastas, quinoa, couscous, bulgar wheat, cereals, tinned foods, baby food, coffee, tea, herbs, nuts as well as cosmetics and vitamins. First time buyers enjoy a discount too and please use our discount code of BZC151 for a further discount, which compensates us back in a very small way. 


Spice Box Organics sells a large range of USDA certified organic spice blends, nuts and an interesting range of gluten free pastas.


Kinoa is an online store selling French produce (including baby food) as well as organic dried items e.g. pumkpin pasta and quinoa pasta.


Rice is sold everywhere, unsurprisingly, with local supermarkets stocking a wide variety of wild and brown grains. However, you can take things one step further and order from the Japanese supplier, Tawaraya HK ( They import Japanese brown rice, radiation free, from reputable farms, and refine it to your liking so it tastes very fresh. You can buy  brown, 50% refined, 70% refined, and white. 50% - 70% refined is a little easier on the tummy compared to brown rice while a lot of the nutrients are still intact. Delivery takes 2-3 days and it's $20 per delivery. COD. Not everything is in English so you may need to enlist a Japanese friend to help you! The organic rice is called "pesticide free" on page 3 and is currently out of stock.


Prizemart sell nuts very cheaply and you can find their locations


Warninggotnuts is a new online supplier of gourmet trail mix  from Australia. $420 for 1kg. Shipped in a high quality PVC reusable/resealable kitchen container; return it for a $65 refill credit, or keep it for your kitchen.


987 Kings Rd, Quarry Bay is  a small store selling nuts very cheaply for $60-68 per lb.
Les Halles Bordeaux is an online retailer based in Kowloon of gourmet European foods including fine salts incl. Fleur de sel, spices and infused oils. 


The Olive Tree HK sells extra virgin olive oil, raw honey, wine, dried spices and other premium Greek products. Delivers every Thursday. Email They tend to shut June -August every year.


cheap nuts in Hong Kong

Cashew nuts for sale at the wet market in Causeway Bay

iherb discount code

Spices available online at Les Halles Bordeaux

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