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Thai Baked Cod in Banana Skins

Thai baked Cod in Banana Leaves

This is a very quick and easy dish but looks impressive nonetheless. If you can't find banana skins, then baking/parchment paper will work but it loses its wow factor somewhat...

What you need:

Banana leaf - (sold in some wet markets e.g. Wan Chai, near the entrance on the right and Aberdeen). I bought these in the small Thai shop off Graham St market. One leaf is enough for 4 parcels, but buy more if (when) case you rip some.

50 ml coconut or olive oil

Cod or other meaty white fish such as monkfish (100-200g per person). We used the Atlantic cod from Wild C portioned in 100g units.

Tin of coconut milk

Thai spices - chilli, lemon grass, garlic, coriander, ginger, lime (often sold all together in a pack)To serve with jasmine rice and steamed choi.


Take one large banana leaf and cut it into quarters. Hold it over a naked flame to soften it a little then brush one side (the inside) with a little coconut (or olive) oil.

Place the fish on top of the leaf with a handful of mixed fresh Thai spices and a generous swig of coconut milk.

Wrap up the parcel, like a sweetie, by tying up each end with a thread of banana leaf, or wrap it like a present and secure with a rosemary twig, partly plucked. Bake for 15 mins for a 100g portion and 20 mins for a 200g portion.

Place on the plate, allowing your guests to unwrap the parcel like an act of ceremony.

Serve with jasmine rice garnished with chopped spring onions and a quarter of lime to squeeze on the fish. Accompany with steamed choi.

Serves 4 people.

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