• Helen Scott

Avofava Dip - Avocodo & Fava Bean

Here is a quick lunchtime dip/spread for mummy or sandwich filler for the kids' packed lunches. It's very adaptable and you could substitute the fava beans for edamame/soybeans. I blitzed an avocado in the blender with lemon juice, broad beans (fava beans are the same thing), garlic and salt. This was for the kids, then I added a pinch of cayenne pepper for myself, or you might prefer a fresh chilli to spice thing up. Dip raw vegetables into it or spread it on toast or crackers. It's basically a guacamole with added protein and dietary fibre from the beans. Mine is spread on raw flaxseed crackers from Green Vitamin. You can tell it's a Monday huh... Click here for the Avofava recipe

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