• Helen Scott

Tamari, Sesame, Chilli & Garlic Kale Chips

Making a few batches of kale chips this morning, some in the dehydrator (3 hours) to preserve maximum nutrients and some in the oven (15 mins) because I am impatient by nature and want to eat them NOW! First, I did an Asian styley one with a drop of sesame oil, tamari, sesame seeds, red chilli and garlic. Second batch was using a Cabernet salt you can buy from Les Halles Bordeaux, and you get 15% off all their oils and spices until the end of the month if you quote MANGO at check out. You can buy kale from Green Vitamin but I picked up this bunch from Jason's in Repulse Bay yesterday. For full directions, read our kale chip recipes here (scroll down a little).

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