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Pesto Thoughts

Pesto Thoughts - do not just think that this is just basil, pine nuts & parmesan... My husband finds pine nuts bitter so we often make it with cashews, ever since falling in love (with the pesto that is) at London's Borough Market. The recipe is similar to the usual one but needs more olive oil since the nuts are drier. Then there is my HK styley one using peanuts & coriander, in which I like to toss hot udon noodles then place grilled steak or chicken on top. The first photo here is an almond & coriander variation, not my recipe or creation, but one I am test-driving for the new fresh range from Seema's Kitchen - From Africa to Asia. This worked well on top of a salmon fillet with rice and stir-fried choi. Once you have tasted or made fresh pesto, you will never buy the stuff in a jar again. It's altogether a different and superior taste. Plus you can freeze it in ice-cube trays and just pop out one when you need it. It's also a great sandwich filler for packed lunches mixed with grated cheese (but check your school allows nuts, else you can leave them out...) Cashew Pesto Recipe here Coriander & Peanut Pesto recipe here

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