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Tasmania Fresh Review

Tasmania Fresh, June 2014

Tasmania Fresh vegetable delivery in HK review by Mango Menus 2014-6-21-17:38:4

Tasmaniafresh.com imports Tasmanian vegetables, fruit and other local produce into HK. They claim "gate to plate" is within 48 hours. While not certified organic, the soils are volcanic, water is artesian and the air is fresh. They therefore claim to be better than organic! Delivery is $80 but for frequent orders or those exceeding $650, it is free. Call them for a quote on this as it really depends on your location and subscription frequency. The bag above costs around $450 which is the "couples' bag" or you can pay $650 for a family bag or $250 for a smaller one. Self select is not possible with this supplier.

The apples were so crunchy and sweet - by far the best apples I have had in HK!

photo (96).JPG

Carrots, Celery, Radishes and Cauliflower - recreated a crudites and vinaigrette hors d'oeuvres (above) that I used to love in the restaurant, Maggie Jones in London.

Beetroot, Garlic & Chard - roasted the beetroot at 170F for 1 hour then peeled, sliced and steeped it in a french dressing (olive oil, red wine vinegar, honey Dijon mustard, salt &pepper). Fried the chard in a little olive oil then mixed it with the beetroot and crushed walnuts to make a warm salad.

Broccoli & Choi - stirfried in a little coconut oil and served with Asian marinated pork chops.

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