• Helen Scott

Eggs Florentine-ish with Fresh Grower Spinach

Eggs Florentine-ish - poached egg, wilted spinach, hollandaise and emmental shavings on buttered wholemeal toast. Breakfast, brunch, lunch - whenever YOU want quite frankly.

I couldn't find my usual poaching device so used a silicone muffin case to hold the egg together in the water. It worked well! Bring a pan of water to the boil. Crack your raw egg into the muffin case and place it carefully into the water. Do this fairly quickly as it will be HOT and you may squeal! It is cooked once it looks fairly white all over. This may take a few minutes.

The baby spinach is from Fresh Grower where Mango Menus' readers enjoy an exciting new discount from now through July of 10% off orders exceeding $400. Quote mangomenus at checkout.

More brunch ideas at http://www.mangomenus.com/#!Breakfasts-Pick-Me-Ups/c18y3

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