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Pear & Vanilla "Dotty" Oatmeal

Pear and Vanilla "Dotty" Oatmeal

There are many flavoured oatmeals in the shops but these are often full of artificial ingredients, added sugar and can be expensive. This recipe takes no longer to make than normal oatmeal and is free from refined sugar and a welcome variation on the usual oatmeal toppings. See if you get the same question from your kids "Mummy, why are there dots in my porridge?"

Put your oats onto cook in your milk of choice and while it does, slash open a vanilla pod, scrape the seeds out and add to the pan. Also add the emptied pod to the pan so it will infuse a bit more. Peel and grate a pear. Add it to the oatmeal while it cooks or if you need to cool it down quickly at the end for small children, you could add it then.

You may also like to try our apple, cinnamon & maple porridge, pictured below or look at more healthy breakfasts ideas here.

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