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Homemade Raw Chocolate - healthy Fruit n' Nut!

Homemade Raw Chocolate - definitely one of the best things I have made this year and I do not say that lightly! It is also super quick and easy. 10 mins prep and an hour or so to set in the freezer. I flavoured it today with orange zest resulting in what can only be described as the finest Terry's chocolate orange you have ever tasted, then plunged almonds and raisins in other bits resulting in a healthy, raw version of Cadbury's Fruit N' Nut! You could flavour it with cardamom, vanilla or omit entirely - experiment! I served it today instead of dessert for a girly lunch (with kids) and everyone including the kids devoured it.

The raw chocolate recipe is the same as I used in April for Easter eggs. Bear in mind that the more coconut oil you use, the more it will melt at room temperature. I used half cacao butter and half coconut oil meaning I had to serve them straight from fridge to mouth - not the hardest task with toddlers! But it does make it pretty hard to photograph with any style!

This chocolate is dairy free and sweetened only with maple syrup . You can buy all the ingredients (3 of them) cheaply on iherb with this handy shopping basket.

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