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Breakfast Cupcakes Rancheros

Breakfast Cupcakes Rancheros - something for the weekend which ticks many boxes.

1. Since this is essentially a fry up in the shape of a cupcake, it should please both the ladies & gents.

2. Easy to make (I have made it twice this week with a 100% hit ratio i.e. fussy husband approved)

3. Definite contender for a brunch party since easy to prep in advance and cook en masse.

4. Adaptable - I took the recipe from The Dim Sum Diaries but since I find it hard to exclude chilli from even a breakfast dish, I added these plus cilantro to give it a Mexican tilt.

5. Addictive - might try another variation tomorrow...

Being British, our household is fairly big on bacon, which we have had a hard time finding in HK to our taste, but this Danish smoked and cured back bacon from South Stream really hit the spot and was ideal for this recipe. We also used Australian free range eggs from Meggles Farm, also from South Stream.

Enjoy ! X


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