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Mellowcreme Pumpkin Vodka

Mellowcreme Pumpkin Vodka infusion for Halloween cocktails
There are many articles written about how many E numbers and awful artificial substances can be found in store bought Hallowe'en candy, such as this useful one written by Laura Paul from Healthy Living Asia. So, rather than giving this terrible stuff to your precious little angels, far better to infuse vodka with it and take it to YOUR PARTY! Are directions really necessary? HAPPY ALL HALLOWS' EVE!

What you need:

Bottle of vodka

4 mellowcreme pumpkin candies per 200ml


Just throw in a few candies (chopped if they won't go through the bottleneck, which doesn't matter as they will dissolve in a few hours), shake the bottle and refrigerate. It will turn a horrifying orange colour that you can drink as sweet shooters else combine with something fizzy for a longer drink.

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