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Roselle/Hibiscus Tea

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Roselle Tea, otherwise known as hibiscus tea or as I once heard and liked, "Nature's Lemsip". These are in season right now and can be turned into a tea by simmering them for 15-20 mins until the water turns red; roselles are used a natural food dye too. It's quite tart so I sweetened mine with a little honey. Other interesting facts include their high levels of Vitamin C, calcium, antioxidants and uses in cancer treatment as well as a diuretic for those with water retention. Lesser known but equally positive is its cure for hangovers in Guatemala! Let's go holiday there!!! I know you can also make jams with the stuff - anyone else doing anything interesting with their roselles? These were the answers...

- Iced tea also known as bissap! National drink in Senegal and throughout west Africa ( with loooooots of palm sugar!). Delicious as a jelly glaze on top of a strawberry tarte or as a syrup (like rhubarb or pomegranate infused with Rose water to use as a finishing touch on trifles, glazing for roast root veg, vinaigrette etc....)

- I make a lovely punch. We call it Sorrel back in the Caribbean.

- I used to buy the drinks from Julian the organic vegetable seller who is on Ssi Kung seafront at weekends!very refreshing when frozen!

- I am in Guatemala next month - I will test it

- The syrup is also used to make a sort of slushy sorbet ( like a granite or flavored shaved ice). There is a big Lebanese community in west Africa and the refreshment originates from the traditional rose water and pomegranate " shorbat al muluk" in the Mughal & ottoman court kitchen. It sadly involves copious amounts of sugar to balance the sharpness.

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