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Where do I buy a turkey in Hong Kong?


The notes below are from Dec. 1st and may be out of date, so pls click on the link above!

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The notes below are from Dec 1st 2014 and may be out of date...

Where can I buy a raw turkey in HK, how much is it and where does it come from?

Great sells French Label Rouge turkeys from 3-10kg, French chilled turkeys from 4-10kg, French bresse turkey Effile 6-9kg, US Mary's free range frozen US turkeys, heritage turkeys and organic turkeys from 3.5-9.5kg. Mary's are raised with ample outdoor pastures for roaming; from quadruple the living space of typical turkey farms and eat a healthy, grain-rich diet void of antibiotics, animal by-products, hormones, preservatives and additives. Great also sells geese, duck, hams, and festive roasts. Download the Great order form here and order beofre 19th Dec. for delivery on 23rd Dec. Save $50 when spending $600 or more and $150 when spending more than $150 online.

City 'Super sells frozen US Butterball and Norbest and 3 types of free-range turkey: Label Rouge French, British Farmed Bronze Turkey and French turkeys. These last three are more densely textured meat which is more flavourful and succulent compared to indoor-reared types. Click here for their Christmas magazine.

The Butchers Club sells ready to cook, fully brined Butterball turkeys to serve 10 people from $1150. Includes stuffing and gravy. 4 days' notice required.

Porterhouse sells Mary's "Heritage" free range and organic turkeys - available soon.

Gonzalo Kosher Meat & General Food sells grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free turkeys. 2 sizes 6.5kg ($170/kg) and 8.5kg ($155/kg).

Jett Foods is Mango Menus' best value option online selling US frozen turkeys from $18.24/lb. Also, get 10% off with your first order and a further 5% if you mention Mango Menus.

South Stream Seafoods sells frozen US Butterball, US Norbest, Organic Prairie and Eberly Organic.

Pacific Gourmet sells American Northern Pride free range turkeys ($648 for 6kg) and Australian frozen turkeys from $780 for 5.2kg.

Leo’s Fine Foods -US frozen turkey 4kg approx with $50/kg. Spend over $1000 to avoid the $150 delivery charge.

Where is the best value turkey?


Jett Foods is Mango Menus' best value option online selling US frozen Norbest turkeys from $18.24/lb. Read about Norbest here. Also, get 10% off with your first order and a further 5% if you mention Mango Menus. Watch this space for more Christmas deals from Jett!


Sun Fa Frozen Meats, 17 Kung Tack Lung Back, Sai Kung, NT. This retail outlet offers unbeatable value with its US turkeys at $18 per lb. Call 2792 6248. For directions to reach this hidden spot, read Mango Menus' Meat Guide.

Woo Hing Hong Frozen Meats, Matheson St, Causeway Bay will sell frozen US turkeys in December (no prices yet, but last year they were one of the cheapest). Call 2891 8215. Pick up only.

CHEAPEST ORGANIC - email us if we are wrong! Tenderloin - frozen French ECOCERT certified organic whole turkeys: 3.5-5 kg, and $130/kg. These turkeys are bred without hormones, additives and pesticides, fed on organically grown grain with a grazing area of 4-5 metres per animal.

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