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Qi House of Sichuan Review

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MY birthday means MY choice of cuisine, and unfortunately for my children, I was in the mood for some fire, so we picked Qi House of Sichuan based on photos from the well known HK food blog Hungry Hong Kong.

There's no more reassuring way to be met from the lift in a Szechuan joint than by an enormous vase of dried chilli peppers. It's possibly the best way to prepare the taste buds for the forthcoming onslaught, or orgasm as I prefer to class it.

The kids fared pretty well actually thanks to a syrupy spice-free lemon chicken and egg fried rice plus my 2 year old (who also likes Burgundy, Roquefort and wasabi nuts) happened to take a shine to the fiery peanut hor d'oeuvres.

We chose a few benchmark dishes of which the spicy sautéed prawns were by far the highlight whose sauce I mopped up with rice and a lot of gusto until I could no longer feel my face, the true sign of a good Sichuan. The scallion ginger beef was sweet and crunchy but a little too syrupy for us. Chilli oil wontons, 2 glasses of wine and a bottle of water brought us to $1129. What's your favourite Sichuan in HK??

P.s. If the restaurant reads this, thanks for allowing us back in as my husband has since informed me his behaviour had been less dignified on a previous visit for a stag party...

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