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DIY Breakfast Wraps

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There are plenty of ways to liven up breakfast time with these coconut based wraps from Green Vitamin. These are raw, paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, low calorie, vegan and low-carb! Now breathe... Above you can see the cacao coconut wraps with sunflower seed butter, yoghurt, granola, pitted black cherries, dates, cacao nibs and almonds.

Litter your table with every fresh/dried fruit, seed and nut that you own along with yoghurt, granola and sticky spreads o help glue the wrap together. Below are apricots, raisins, ground flax, dessicated coconut, cacao nibs and toasted almonds.


There are many great combinations - here are some of mine:

Mango Choc: now those small Filipino mangoes are in season, try wrapping them up with yoghurt and cacao nibs:

Mango Choc Wrap with coconut wrap from Green Vitamin

The "Orchard": wrap up apple quarters sauteed in coconut oil and cinnamon, with dates and chopped pecans.

orchard breakfast wrap.jpg

Frozen Berry Coconut: frozen berries in HK often taste better than the fresh ones in my opinion, and my kids eat these ones like candy. Below they are wrapped up with dried coconut flakes.


Green Vitamin also sells plain coconut wraps which are great for savoury meals e.g. wrapping up leftovers and salads for lunch. You can see many of my creations with these on Instagram.


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