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Persiana recipes

There is always ONE cookbook that everyone seems to be talking about and cooking from, and right now it seems to be this one. A lot of my London and HK friends, who previously would only touch Gwyneth at lunchtime and Ottolenghi for supper, are now clear Middle Eastern converts! I enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at a friend's on Sunday where she cooked no less than a dozen dishes from the book, so a fairly representative sample. We had lamb koftes, chermoula, a tomato & cucumber salad steeped in pomegranate molasses and sumac, quinoa & courgette salad and a few other savoury dishes finishing with an Eastern Mess (think Eton then add pistachios). It was such a hit and I am looking forward to getting hold of the book myself to try the others. Has anyone else tried any of the other dishes that they can recommend? Do let me know! You can buy the book here on Amazon:

Persiana Sabrina Ghayour

And if you are looking for some of the more esoteric ingredients in HK, here are some recommendations: City'super has a good selection Za'atar can be found at on Wellington St Letpacific Food has some Turkish produce Try Olive Leaf HK for Israeli produce

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