• Helen Scott

Ham, Cheese & Kimchi Fried Sandwich


A possible sign that I have been living in Asia too long is my sudden preference for kimchi with ham & cheese rather than Branston's pickle! This sandwich is the bomb and even more tasty for being panfried slowly in butter, allowing the cheese to melt. Do beware however that the kimchi is quite garlicky so can be a little antisocial. Perhaps best reserve this sandwich for when you are staying or don't have any later social engagements!

What you need:

2 slices bread

1 slice of ham

Few slices Cheddar/Red Leicester/Monterey Jack cheese

1/2 tablespoons kimchi (bought in City 'Super)

30g butter


Place the ham, cheese and kimchi in the sandwich and butter the OUTSIDES ONLY of the bread.

Melt a little more butter in a frying pan and fry your sandwich on a low eat allowing the bread to toast nicely and the cheese melt inside.

Serves 1

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