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Aloe Vera & Coconut Juice

Aloe Vera Coconut Juice from Eat FRESH

This is my first edible encounter with the aloe vera leaf (available at Eat FRESH) whose interior sap is reportedly good for digestive issues such as acid reflux which has been plaguing me this pregnancy (and every other). You can extract the sap easily by slicing the leaf down the side and spooning out the gooey lumps - see stuff in white dish. Then blend it to a puree and add 1 tablespoon to a large glass of coconut water. It's very bitter on its own (note that bitter aloes is the stuff people paint their kids' nails with to stop them biting them) so only add a little to something sweet such as coconut water. Any other recipe ideas? My helper says she uses the stuff as hair conditioner and I know it's good for sunburn but clearly no sunburn round here this week!

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