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Variations on Eggs Hollandaise

This is a very popular breakfast dish in our house at the weekend so I thought I would share my experiences and tips!

Bottom left is my husband's default option: sliced cherry tomatoes, baked gammon ham from the counter at Great (our favourite, although also excellent and better value are the whole hams to order from HK Cricket Club- anyone got any other good ham recs?), poached eggs and Hollandaise.

Top photo is the result of my indecision - one eggs Benedict and one eggs Florentine with organic spinach from Eat FRESH.

Bottom right is Tasmanian smoked salmon from MM Fresh Food with a poached egg, Hollandaise and chopped spring onion.

English muffins are available in most supermarkets but has anyone ever bought them and noticed that they never go off? Slightly worrying... Best to buy these also at Great Food Hall or M&S therefore.

For Hollandaise, we are too scared of failure to attempt making it, so buy it in jars (not packets) e.g. Maille, which incidentally, we feel benefits from an additional drop of apple cider vinegar.

Well, that's all my worldly advice on eggs Hollandaise - anyone got different variations or tips to share? Let me know...

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