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London House - Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay opened his second restaurant in Hong Kong today, in the slightly atypical destination of TST East, next to Woolomooloo, overlooking the river. Tonight's press party was utterly mobbed, despite the notable absence of the man himself, and somewhat exacerbated by minimal aircon. In spite of this, noone seemed in a hurry to leave, and the chef was overworked in satisfying the hungry mouths of a roomful of foodies, impatient to try the British fayre. Every plate that appeared was descended upon by said vultures who for the first time since my arrival in HK, seemed to disregard any concept of the queue. I can't claim to have behaved any better. We were hungry!

The menu consists of British classics and comfort food including pate, fish & chips (my favourite tonight), shepherd's pie, steak tartare, bangers n' mash, steak with Bearnaise, buffalo wings with blue cheese and fried whitebait.

It was near impossible to photograph the food with so many Gordon fans around, but above is the steak with Bearnaise and below the whitebait.

As much as I would have liked to share my experience of the comforting shepherd's pie and bangers n' mash, by the time I had extracted myself from the crowds carrying my plate and glass high up in the air, I can assure you that the contents of my plate did not very appealing, however delicious they may have been.

There's a large screen downstairs giving it a bit of a "sports bar" feel, which is not really my girly style, but if I were missing food from back home, I would be happy to return, confident that London House could satisfy any cravings.

London House, G5, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, +852 3650 3333

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