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Veggie Bean Balls

I weaned my kids with the help of Annabel Karmel and often made her tofu and cashew nut veggie balls. These are inspired by that recipe but using whatever I had lying around which was:

What you need:

1 cup cannellini beans 1 cup sweetcorn 1/2 red pepper Handful grated cheese 1 onion and minced clove garlic softened in butter Fresh coriander Breadcrumbs 1 egg.


Blend your veggies, herbs and beans in the food processor, leaving a little texture.

Season it then stir in the egg to bind it and enough breadcrumbs so it's "ballable" (if that's a word).

Refrigerate for a bit so they don't fall apart then roll in flour and fry in coconut oil.

In case you think I got up at 5am to do this, I actually made these as veggie bean burgers for supper last night and these are the leftovers.

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Lunchbox from Skip Hop which is available at Bumps to Babes, Toys"R"Us and Rainbow Care in Hong Kong.

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