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Roselle/Hibiscus Tea

Roselle Hibiscus Tea

'Tis the season for roselles, otherwise known as hibiscus, which can be stewed and made into tea or as I once heard and liked, "Nature's Lemsip". Other interesting facts include their high levels of Vitamin C, calcium, antioxidants and uses in cancer treatment as well as a diuretic for those with water retention. Lesser known but equally positive is its supposed cure for hangovers in Guatemala! Let's go holiday there! I know you can also make jams with the stuff - anyone else doing anything interesting with their roselles? Let us know! These are on sale now in most of the wet markets or you can buy organic ones from Eat FRESH.

What you need:

3-4 roselles

2 cups water

2 teaspoons raw honey or your sweetener of choice


Simmer 3-4 flower heads in water for 15-20 mins until the water turns red. They are a little tart so then add your sweetener of choice.

This makes one very large mug of tea.

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