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Resetting the AC button on a Monday morning

Green Vitamin mango yoghurt with turmeric lemon kefir

Monday mornings are like resetting the AC button on my body's calculator as I attempt to purge the weekend's excesses. Although these may be (sadly) booze-free right now, you know that when churros start to taste healthy that you must have been eating a lot of shite that day, and that was how we ended a day at Disney. Less of day out and more of an endurance test I always think. I am not sure they have got their sales strategy right either. The fact that you can upgrade your regular ticket to a yearly pass for just double the cost at any point over the day, should only really be possibly on entry, as rest assured that after a day in that park you will have no inclination to return for at least 12 months.

Above was today's breakfast therefore, including life's only non-guilty pleasure in my opinion, the mango coconut based yoghurt from Green Vitamin with one of the few sugar-free cereals from Dorset Cereals and a side of immune-boosting turmeric and lemon water kefir, also from Green Vitamin. Surely this will counteract all those churros?! ‪

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