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Steak Frites by The Butchers Club

When you're pregnant and feeling faint, possibly due to low iron levels, you can visit your doctor to discuss taking supplements, OR you can visit Steak Frites and feast on their dry aged meat. I know what I would rather, and last Monday, I did just that.

I have long been a fan of this chain whose burger restaurant was recently listed, and justly so as far as I am concerned, under the new "Street Food" category in the 2016 Michelin Guide. This is different from a star FYI... I am also fortunate to live close enough to the Butchers Club Deli to call it my local, and have attended a few Southside lunches there plus dinners in the private room, and even a wedding. It rarely disappoints. This was my first trip to Steak Frites however, who have recently expanded on their simple menu concept to offer more of a complete steakhouse solution. Here is today's menu...

Our starters included a wedge salad with bacon and a dressing, either blue cheese or honey mustard, where I preferred the former. This is a light way to begin your meat feast, although there are more decadent options such as the the roast marrowbone on toast (pictured below) or seared fois gras, both excellent also. In comparison however, the seafood platter lacked a little on presentation. In case you thought you would abstain from the extra carbs in the form of the bread basket, do try a little with the accompanying beef dripping rather than the usual butter. It would be rude not to...

Having viewed the possible cuts of the restaurant's famous dry-aged beef, we tried most of the those above with the "Black Onyx" Angus standing out in terms of flavour and ability to melt in the mouth. This is grain-fed for over 300 days in New South Wales.

Their signature duck fat fries are hard to beat in Hong Kong, and as full as one claims to be from eating the rest of the meal, there always seems to be room for one more chip. Of the accompanying sauces, the chimmichurri was mine and my neighbour's favourite and seemed to go pretty well with just about anything served on that table.

In case you're not so carnivorous, there is the "Surf and Surf" dish containing lobster and sword fish and a pescatarian selection including coffin bay oysters and mussels.

I didn't think to photograph the mac cheese as expectations were modest relative to the rest of the dishes. How wrong I was. This was quite possibly the most flavoursome cheesy pasta dish I have yet to encounter, using aged cheddar and mozzarella although one would think there were a stronger cheese in there. Don't forget to add on this side!

Desserts are fairly unnecessary and possibly not the reason to visit Steak Frites. However if there is a small window of opportunity in your ever expanding waistline, the chocolate fondue was my favourite, with the other puddings provided by Tai Tai Pie Pies.

Given the number of diners present on a Monday night, Steak Frites is clearly unimpacted by meatless Monday campaigns! Bookings may be necessary therefore which you can do via email or phone 2858 9800.

Steak Frites by the Butchers Club, UG/F, 52-56 Staunton Street, Central (Entrance on Aberdeen Street).

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