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Digital Meat Thermometers - exclusive offer!

We are thrilled to team up with Peek Concepts this Christmas to offer you an exclusive discount of 5% off their entire digital cooking thermometer range, starting at $195, when you use the checkout code MANGO15. Not only are these ideal Christmas pressies for any cooks in the household, they can be used INSTANTLY on Christmas day for your turkey! We have owned two of these in our household for a while now so thought I would share a few thoughts on them:

SuperFast Thermapen 4 - this has been a key player in my cooking for several years - great for timing the pinkness in roast beef, lamb racks, and ensuring chicken & turkey is perfectly cooked. It's also anti-bacterial and waterproof so can be rinsed after use. $749 (before the Mango Menus discount of 5%) and includes free delivery to Hong Kong.

ChefAlarm - this one has even more functionality, with an alarm to alert you when a dish reaches a certain temperature, attached to a 1.2m cord, plus uniquely, can be used at low temperatures too, so ideal for desserts and yoghurts. America's Test Kitchen gives this one the highest rating amongst all digital thermometers. $538 (before the Mango Menus 5% discount MANGO15) and includes free delivery to HK.

This is the whole range in case you are interested.

1) SuperFast Thermapen 4 HKD $749

2) Chefalarm HKD $538

3) Gourmet Cooking Thermometer HKD $298

4) Instant Read Digital Thermometer HKD$195

5) TimeStick Digital Timer HKD $225 (also great for sports)

Don't forget our exclusive discount code of MANGO15 and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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