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Sunday's Grocery

Sunday's Grocery Kennedy Town

This has been on my "to eat" list for a while now having heard many rave reviews, however I would have gone there far sooner had I realised it was the takeaway version of my favourite Yardbird, named accordingly as this is the day that the restaurant closes.

There's nowhere to sit, bar a few beer crates on the pavement, in what is essentially an off licence. Indeed, the impassioned server enlightened me on Sunday's Grocery's intentions: to provide top notch food as well as get people drunk in fun ways. I couldn't agree more on a better philosophy on life.

The menu is simple: a mixture of fried chicken dishes, wraps, salads and hummous, the latter of which I would never normally be so boring to order had they not told me that "Israeli customers queue miles to buy kilos of the stuff". It was insanely smooth with a perfect balance of tahini versus other ingredients.

Sunday's Grocery Kennedy Town hummous

Otherwise we ordered the plain chicken tenderloins for our children to gobble up, the schnitzel and a portion of the sweet & spicy fried chicken (this last one was even better, cold, the next day...) Accompanying it, we tried the chickpea, cauliflower and falafel salad, a 'slaw and the sweet potato and maple syrup mash. I have never been too sure why people add sweeteners to an already sweet potato, but I figured my kids would understand, and they did. We took some pickles on the side too.

While everything was cooked perfectly with fresh ingredients, I felt it needed a little kick from time to time. This was more than adequately addressed however by a sprinkle from the little spice bags you can chuck in your takeaway bag, the same ones that they give out at Yardbird.

Sunday's Grocery Kennedy Town spice bags

As mentioned above, this is more of an offy than anything else, with lots of interesting spirits and infusions that you can try before you buy. Sadly, at almost 9 months pregnant, I was unable to partake in anything so fun, but I did some sample of the wonderful dark Dutch chocolate that is on sale.

It's hard to remember how much this all cost, as I kept adding to my order as I learnt more about the dishes. Great salesman! It was roughly $500 however which fed our family for dinner as well as myself and the kids for lunch the next day, when I wrapped up the leftover chicken and salads in wholemeal wraps. We'll be back... Looking forward to trying the bahn mi next time, which interestingly is gluten-free, and in a few months, I will return with gusto to try the alcoholic side of the store...

Sunday's Grocery Kennedy Town leftovers

Sunday's Grocery

66-68 Cathick Street, Kennedy Town, HK +852 2628 6001

Open Tues-Sun 11am-9pm

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