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I found this traditional 'lax recipe in the Guardian's blog but hear Jamie Oliver does a mean cure by adding beetroot to the mix, which looks sensational, and there is a highly recommended vodka based version from Simon Hopkinson.

For the more traditional "Guardian" style, place your salt, pepper, sugar and coriander seeds in a pestle & mortar, and grind. Finely chop a big bunch of dill and press it firmly to the salmon flesh, then cake your fillets with the salt mixture. Sandwich another big bunch of dill with your caked fillets and enshrine them in clingfilm like an Egyptian mummy. Refrigerate, and pray this tastes good in 48 hours! It's easy but messy. Even after a shower I could still feel peppercorns between my toes.

Once the gravadlax was ready we blitzed a dill sauce using the same Guardian recipe, and made open sandwiches with dark rye bread. This dill sauce is so addictive I feel I could drink pints of it alone. Later in the day we toasted bagels and had them with the 'lax and cream cheese. Planning on a farfalle, salmon & peas dish with the other remaning fillet for supper tomorrow, by which time I think I may have had my gravadlax quota for a while. NZ Ora King salmon is available from MM Fresh Food. Ask for 1kg of salmon to be cut into just 2 pieces.

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