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Raw Brownies from Maya Cafe

If you're wondering about the lack of posts this year, January was a write-off in my calendar and brain due to the (somewhat traumatic) arrival of my third child. Then, just as I was starting to feel vaguely human again, she was struck by the RSV virus, landing us in isolation for the last week in our nearby neonatal unit.

Most older kids and adults can escape hospitalisation for what's really just a bad cold, resorting to little more than a box of Kleenex and a hot toddy. It's slightly more challenging however for a 3 week old to clear her airways, hence her admission. She's on the mend now thankfully and we were discharged over the weekend.

We've had lots of great support this week, not least from the nurses but also our family, albeit from afar, and our friends here, which brings me back to the point of this blog: all things edible. Food packages have been highly appreciated of late, firstly in sustaining my other 2 kids stuck at home but also in helping maintain my milk production during a stressful and tiring time (well that's my excuse anyway...)

And these little guys in the photo deserve a special mention, kindly brought to me by a friend one lunchtime. I am increasingly suspicious of treats labelled "guilt-free" as many turn out to her equally devoid of pleasure but these raw chocolate brownies from Maya Cafe Takeaway are possibly one of the best sweet treats I have eaten in a while: rich, moist and fudgey with a deep flavour of cacao.

At risk of shattering my illusion that they really are guilt-free, I requested the ingredient list from the restaurant, in the hope of recreating them at home. Gluten-free and dairy-free, I understand they are made from cashews, raisin and agave syrup. So if you live or work nearby, do pop in and try them. Hell, they are even worth a detour or a special journey. "***"

And if you haven't yet met my new baby daughter yet, you may have missed your chance. We'll be keeping her in isolation for the next 18 years and renaming her Rapunzel...

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