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Chilli Fagara

My cousin is in town this week, so we took him last night to Chilli Fagara for the obligatory introduction to mouth numbing Szechuan. This is definitely my favourite regional cuisine, and also restaurant of its type.

We kicked off with the "crisped slices of beef" and its perfect harmony of sweet and spice. This is a must order, especially if you are a bit of wuss when it comes to the next couple of dishes I am about to describe.

The "Emperor's Choice fiery hot prawns", for example, are damn good too once you have located the actual subject amongst the enormous bowl of chilli peppers. See below. Can you spot a prawn?

Pictured at the top is the climactic "fish in a spice infused broth" after which I lost the power of speech for a good 5 minutes and possibly the reason my husband ordered it. Has anyone actually drunk that whole broth? I would have major respect for that. Even identifying a floating fish fillet and bringing it to my lips was pretty terrifying, but strangely addictive.

As usual it was a memorable meal, that lasted longer than most as we had to take breaks now and then while the tastebuds tingled and we waited for the feeling to return. Indeed, the restaurant is fairly apt in its own website's description of the food: "orgasmic"... What are your favourites here? Email

Did you know you can now get takeout too for this place via Deliveroo? Not sure it makes for the most romantic night in however, although mainly because whenever I eat Szechuan with my husband we normally argue/boast about who has the highest chilli threshold... (it's me btw....)

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