• Helen Scott

Seasonal Chopped Salad

A vegan friend first made me this salad, using a recipe from her Thermomix cookbook. In the absence of such a time saving yet costly device, I resorted to the old fashioned technique of chopping by hand. I also tweaked it to reduce the glycemic index of the dressing. This is also a celebration of the veggies found in my seasonal bag from Eat Fresh hence the seasonal aspect. While they are all nutritious in themselves, broccoli is a veggie that's always in my fridge these days given its reported ability to prevent metastasis and suppress tumours. This is the first time I have touched the site in 11 months (but hopefully I have had a good excuse...). Not sure which direction to take it in now although health is an obvious one so let's kick off with this salad...

What you need:

1/2 apple

1 red pepper

8 florets broccoli

1/2 cup pine nuts


2 tbls extra virgin olive oil

2 tbls apple cider vinegar (or white balsamic - this is more delicious but has a higher glycemic index)

Black pepper

1 tsp Dijon mustard


Mix the dressing ingredients.

Wash and chop the salad ingredients.

Dress the salad.


Serves 2 as a starter or side dish.


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