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Guide to Buying Chicken in HK

We have scoured HK to find out who is selling organic, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, kosher, halal, cheapest imported, Chinese, fresh and frozen chickens with prices as at September 2014 including exclusive deals and discounts exclusively for our readers. Also find out exactly what free range means as well as all the labelling we read in the supermarkets. Do get in touch if you have useful info we could add.

Where do I buy free range and/or organic chicken in HK?

Jett Fine Foods is one of HK's lowest cost retailers of imported meats and fine foods such as caviar and fois gras. Their frozen chickens are US organic and from the Midwest of the States at the Tecumseh Farms. They are currently priced at at $180 for a 4lb bird. Get 10% off your first order and an additional 5% off when you quote mangomenus but you must register with their site first!


South Stream Seafoods sells conventionally raised US Tyson as well as New Zealand's Tegel ($132 for a 1.4kg bird). The use of growth hormones has been banned for over 30 years in New Zealand so all the country's chicken is hormone free. NZ also has strict quarantine laws to keep the country free of serious poultry diseases. This minimises the amount of medication needed to maintain excellent flock health and any medication used must be approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF). The chickens are raised in large, modern, well equipped barns and are free to move around, with access to food and water 24 hours a day. The barns are temperature controlled to ensure a comfortable and healthy environment.


South Stream also offers US certified organic chicken from Sheltons. These are grown in free range conditions, which is defined by the USDA as 'having access to the out of doors'. They raise their birds without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants. If any flocks of birds become sick, they are treated with a proper antibiotic and marketed under another label. 


In chilled form, South Stream has weekly shipments of Australian Lilydale chicken. A whole Lilydale chicken weighs around 1.4kg and costs $191.80. This is growth hormone free, antibiotic free and free range.The chickens are fed a nutritious vitamin enriched natural diet including seeds, grains, peas and canola. They have access to outfoods, perching bales (with wooden ramps leading up to it for the chickens to play on) and huts for shade as well as trees which offers wind draft and 90% UV protection. Read more about Lilydale chickens here.


Tenderloin sells French organic chicken certified organic by the European organic produce certifying board called ECOCERT.  These chickens are free from hormones, additives and pesticides.  The fields where they freely graze and wander are certified free of pesticides.  Each grazing area per animal is also specified by ECOCERT. The chickens are shipped to Hong Kong frozen and delivered frozen. They are currently giving 2 packs of organic chicken wings free of charge for orders of meat/seafood over $1,000. A whole French organic chicken weighs 1.1-13kg and costs $160.


Lung Wah Foods sells  competitively priced free range hormone-free chicken from Australia, free range 100% grain fed chicken from France and organic "Smart" chicken from US.  Smart Chicken is from a company called New Frontiers. It is air-chilled, unlike other chickens sold in the U.S., which are chilled in water baths. The latter causes them to retain water and dilute the flavour, and can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Smart Chickens are raised in a free range environment by family farmers without the use of antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. They are certified humane raised and handled.

Free Range No-hormone Whole Chicken(Australia) $ 42.00/Lb
Organic Chicken Tenderloin (U.S) ~1Lb/pack $90.00/Lb
Organic Ck Breast Skinless&boneless(U.S)2pcs/pack$90.00/Lb
Organic Thigh Meat Skinless (U.S) 6pcs/pack $85.00/Lb
Free Range Grain-fed Whole Chicken(France) ~3Lb/pc$ 35.00/Lb
Grain-fed Whole Chicken (France) ~1.1Lb/pc $42.00/Lb

Email and read Lung Wah's whole product & price list here. There is no website.


Meat Market sells US Mary's chickens, French organic and Aussie FREPA accredited free range chickens.  They also have a special offer on chicken breasts right now. These are Australian, 100% certified free range, hormone free which contains no GMOs or antibiotics to stimulate growth. Spend over $500 on your first order and get 1o% off with the discount code MEATROOKIE. 


Porterhouse sells US Colemans chickens with a 4 lb bird costing $230.


Pacific Gourmet sells Aussie hormone freerange chicken for $138/kg and Aussie Maryland chickens for $143kg. They also sell hormone-free chicken liver. This is fairly hard to find in HK as I often look for it to make a chicken liver pate. They sell it frozen in Parknshop under the Waitrose brand, and sometimes fresh behind the counter of City 'Super.


TC Deli in Hau Hang sells Hazeldene chickens from Australia. This is an ethical producer of high quality free range, grain-fed chicken who have gained RSPCA approval. Requirements for this include specific perching, lighting, feed, shed densities, and record keeping. Chicken in RSPCA approved barns can perch, dust bathe, scratch, and play with toys. All TC Deli's chicken products are sold frozen. Open


Great sells US Colemans organic ($12/100g for whole) and French Red Label organic free range. Read more about the meaning of Red Label here. They also have French yellow chicken Fermier Rouge ($26/100g), French black chicken Fermier Rouge ($26/100g) and free range Aussie chicken ($14/100g). Check out the online discounts available at Great.


Jasons MarketPlace sell fresh Aussie freerange Hazeldene chickens ($160/1 piece), US Coleman organic ($190/4lb) and Brazilian chickens (currently unavailable). Frozen, they have NZ and US chickens. There are savings to be had from shopping at Jason's on a Saturday with your Standard Chartered credit card and there is another deal on with Amex now - see picture to the right.

Where do I buy kosher chicken in HK?

Gonzalo stocks chicken imported from Canada (free roaming-hormone & antibiotic free-glatt kosher) and Australia (free range-hormone & antibiotic free-glatt kosher).


Koshermart is HK's largest Kosher supermarket importing from the US, Israel, Australia and other destinations. The chicken is Solomon's Premium Australian Poultry. Note that the JCC koshermart is open to all JCC members, Jewish Overseas Visitors & Jewish HK residents but all visitors must bring along their passport or other ID and to comply with security screening & entrance requirements. Visitors must also buy a visitors' pass-card and put down a $50 deposit for this.


Where do I buy halal chicken in HK?  


The Halal Meat Shop Shop 3, G/F, Wui Fat Building, 8 Wang Fat Path Yuen Long, HK 6381 5786. Open 9:00 am – 9:00 pm 7 days a week. They sell and deliver halal chicken ( as well as halal beef, halal mutton, and ready to cook items) imported from Pakistan and Brazil. Read this link for the differences between kosher and halal slaughtering.


Wan Chai wet market has halal frozen meat from Australia, New Zealand and Mongolia.


Meat Market sells Australian chicken breasts which are certified Halal.

The  S pure brand has halal chiken and is available at Taste. 


Colemans organic chicken and the Brazilian brand Sadia are also Halal.


Try the Hai Phong market in Kowloon also for Halal chicken.


Where is the cheapest imported chicken?


Bayern Gourmet Foods is another "no frills" online retailer selling Brazilian chicken breasts for $60/kg with free delivery for orders over $500 and $50 delivery fee if below that, on HK island.


Also check out Woo Hing Hong Frozen Meats in Causeway Bay (corner of Matheson St and Leighton Road) as well as Shek Kee Frozen Meats in Sai Kung for cheap Brazilian chickens.


Is there any info on the Brazilian chickens?


No, very little, except that the Sadia brand is Halal. There is very little organic farming in Brazil and no legislation over the term "free range".


To save money, buy a whole chicken. It can go a long way. After eating the breast meat, thighs, wings (and the feet for some!), make a stock and use it for soups, risottos, or quite simply to put in your rice cooker to boil rice instead of water. Bone broth is so nutritious and gives such a depth of flavour to any dish. Read about how to make bone broth from The Nourished Kitchen and why it is so good for you. And check out Mango Menus' soups of which a good stock (bone broth) is usually the essential ingredient. 









Jett Fine Foods

Jett Fine Foods

10% off first order and additional 5% off when you quote mangomenus

The Consumerist

The Consumerist

Interesting article from the Consumerist on the real definitions of organic, antibiotic free, hormone free and other terms.

Buy whole chickens!

Buy whole chickens!

and make bone broth. Read how and why this can help boost immunity and stave off colds.

What does Free Range Mean?

What does Free Range Mean?

"As of now what constitutes raising an animal free range is entirely decided by the producer of that product"

Woo Hing Hong

Woo Hing Hong

One of the cheapest retailers for imported meats. On the corner of Matheson St and Leighton Road in Causeway Bay.

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