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Drugs to Pass the Blood Brain Barrier


DISCLAIMER: I am not a qualified physician and none of the below should be read as medical advice. I am merely sharing my research.


With the recent discovery (Feb. 2019) of a new brain metastasis, I have been reassessing my supplement and repurposed drug protocol to ensure I am maximising the blood brain penetration. This is a work in progress but below I share some preliminary thoughts and links to research in case it can help someone else:


Milk thistle made by this brand Legalon has shown particular success in inhibiting the growth of brain mets in lung and other cancer patients.

The recommended dose may be 5 pills a day.

The type used in the study contains Vit E, which can be controversial for cancer patients, but the manufacturer make another without: 


Below are the types not containing Vitamin E


When ordering, be careful that you order article Nr. 11548215  "Legalon Forte Madaus“  made by MEDA Pharma GmbH .


Mebendezole - trialled at John Hopkins for recurrent brain tumours where the dose is 500mg/day


Melatonin crosses the blood brain barrier:
20mg dose recommended and available on iherb


Boswellia - to reduce edema (brain swelling caused by brian mets) as a natural alternative to dexamethason:

Available on iherb

Or if you want a larger dose, the largest I can find is 2000mg on Amazon:

Febendezole based on anecdotal stories of remission including one patient with brain mets who believes FBZ helped these alone.


Why to combine FBZ with vitamins


Must take with this form of vitamin E:




To read :


Research on repurposed drugs to cross the blood brain barrier:


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