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I arrived in Hong Kong over four years ago with an enormous library of cookery books with cuisines from all over the world. Sadly many of these became redundant as I couldn't always find the Western ingredients, or wasn't prepared to pay the inflated prices for imports. Delia Smith might create cheap family recipes in the UK, but the dairy she requires in each meal can make a peasant's dish unaffordable in HK. My family's diet has therefore become more Asian over the years, as I learn to make the most of the local produce e.g. baking fish in banana skins with Thai herbs, mixing lycheetinis and making mango lassis for the kids. Mango Menus includes some of my favourite recipes, incorporating Western classics with an increasing Asian influence but one thing I promise is, STRICTLY no chicken feet...

Mango Menus Recipes

Mango Menus' Recipes

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