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Cinco de Mayo Mexican Dishes

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Dive into this bowl of freshly chopped tomatoes, chilli, red onion and  coriander. Ideal with a mojito after work on a summer's evening...

The perfect light summery supper or starter, whereby marinating the fish in citrus juice, essentially "cooks" it.

I firmly believe that a family that eats together eats more, which while not good for my waistline, is definitely a bonus for my kids' consumption!  Here is the first of a few interactive, self assembly family meals, to make mealtimes more interesting than a plate of mince and mash...


I do not claim to make the most authentic Mexican tacos, but here is my winning formula:

Protein (fish/chicken/tofu) + sauteed onion + capsicums + guacamole + salsa + lettuce + sour cream + grated cheese + taco/wrap/tortilla

Here is a chilli SIN carne using high protein black beans instead of meat.

An old classic which can be served with rice or wrapped in flour tortillas or tacos.

Pile fresh mango and coriander salsa onto a pre-baked salmon fillet and serve with brown rice and steamed veggies.

Smoky Blackbean Soup with Shredded Ham Hock

Tonight was another night for the man claws, ideal for shredding a ham hock into this filling soup. Think more chunky stew than smooth soup... We simmered a ham hock (available from Golden Pig but known as pig knuckle) for 3 hours then shredded it into a bowl of blackbean and chilli soup, adding crunchy bacon lardons on top, freshly chopped coriander and a swirl of double cream. Dip tortilla chips in and enjoy! Admittedly my husband was dubious when I told him of my intentions with this soup, but he concluded that it was possibly one of the best soups he has ever had, and trust me, his complements are not handed out freely...

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