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Shakshuka is my go-to weekend brunch dish for fighting cancer. It's full of allium family veggie (onions, garlic) and their beneficial sulfur compounds, anti-inflammatory spices incl. turmeric, and omega 3 from the eggs. Garnish with parsley, one of the top anti-cancer herbs given its apigenin content, as well as coriander to help chelate heavy metals from your system. I would LOVE to mop it up with crusty bread, but in the interest of remaining gluten-free, grain-free and keto, I have 2 eggs to fill me up and wash it down with a bulletproof coffee, full of even more good fats. 

Keto Stuffing

In an attempt to produce a keto friendly Sunday roast, I made a stuffing today using a loaf of keto bread  baked earlier in the week comprising mainly egg whites (10!) and coconut flour. The bread alone wasn't a runaway success and unsurprisingly tasted a little eggy, but it was inconspicuous in this stuffing which also contained onion, garlic, thyme, rosemary, wild mushrooms , chestnuts, apricots and cranberries. Not sure how it  became so Christmassy but possibly because I spent this beautiful SEPTEMBER morning perusing Christmas trees  can you believe ?! (20% off from Lily Flower in Pokfulam if you pre-order this month!) HAPPY SUNDAY!!

Fat Bombs

Here is my first batch of "fat bombs", little parcels of exemplary fats such as coconut cream, cultured butter, coconut oil, nut butters and MCT flavoured with cinnamon, cacao and the seeds of a vanilla pod. Eating lots of high quality fat is supposed to curb your cravings for carbs. I'll let you know when/if that happens! Most recipes add a synthetic sweetener to their keto fat bombs but I can't abide the taste so have relied here on the natural sweetness of the coconut cream and cinnamon. Try them to snack on or with fresh berries, the only fruit allowed on a keto diet, and you might even think you are eating ice cream. 🍧

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