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I seem to spend my life planning menus these days, from kids' packed lunches to brunch parties and even a recent high protein diet for a client. Everyone in my household wants something different at each mealtime which can be a lot of work if you are not organised (or have some help...). I also hate to waste food, especially when it is as expensive as it is in HK, so try to create efficient menu plans for the family, incorporating baby purées, light lunches for my tai tai friends and very very long dinner parties at the weekend, as if you know me at all, you will know I LOVE to throw a dinner party...


Packed lunches - sick of cheese and pickle? Click here for Mango Menus' easy & healthy packed lunch monthly planners.


Weekly meal planners - download Mango Menus' simple template to create your own or contact us to create a bespoke one.


Entertaining? read our blogs from parties with menu ideas Last week, the  12 hour brunch,  this week the  "Safari" supper!


Diet/allergies - download a sample of high protein/low fat diet we created for a client, or contact Mango Menus to create your own

Mango Menus' Planning

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