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Slummy Mummy Packed Lunches



Buy sustainably sourced tuna from Wild Planet - available on iherb.


Head to Marks & Spencer (Queen's Rd East, Cityplaza and for more locations click here) in  to pick up a great selection of well priced breads for sandwiches. They stock multiseed loaves, bagels, submarine rolls, baguettes, wholemeal baps, croissants, part baked ciabattas and many more. We find these far fresher tasting than the supposed deluxe brands in the other HK supermarkets and everything freezes well. 


Cook a big roast on a Sunday and use the leftover meat in your family's sandwiches the next day. For grass-fed, antibiotic-free nad hormone-free lamb & beef, try MM Fresh.


Given the HK heat, look for insulated lunch boxes. Try Japan Home Stores for some cheap containers while there are more elaborate ones in Bumps 2 Babes. 


Prepare sandwich ingredients the night before but assemble on the morning, to avoid soggy sarnies.



Sandwiches with zero cooking time and minimal prep that you can make with one hand while slurping your flattie in the other.


Or get in touch if you would like Mango Menus to create your very own packed lunch planner, taking into account your child's likes, dislike & allergies.



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