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Interactive Family Meals

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I firmly believe that a family that eats together eats more, which while not good for my waistline, is definitely a bonus for my kids' consumption!  Here is the first of a few interactive, self assembly family meals, to make mealtimes more interesting than a plate of mince and mash...


I do not claim to make the most authentic Mexican tacos, but here is my winning formula:

Protein (fish/chicken/tofu) + sauteed onion + capsicums + guacamole + salsa + lettuce + sour cream + grated cheese + taco/wrap/tortilla

As much as I love a good British roast, here is a lighter, more summery idea for when the weather is hot: roast your joint and wrap up slices with feta cheese, Harissa sauce, fresh mint, peas and yoghurt...


There are plenty of ways to liven up breakfast time with these coconut based wraps from Green Vitamin. These are raw, paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, low calorie, vegan and low-carb! Now breathe...  

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