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Lychee Lollies


While I always opt for fresh lychees when in season (July - August in HK), there are two excellent uses for the tinned variety in syrup: lychee lollies for the kiddies, and lycheetinis for the mummies,  and both can be enjoyed simultaneously.


What you need:


Tin of lychees in syrup

Juice of half a lemon or lime

Take a tin of lychees and pour its contents, including all the syrup, into a food processor, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and blend. Sieve then pour into moulds and freeze.


Makes around 4 lollies depending on the size of the mould.


Click here for the lycheetini recipe!

Lychee Lollies Popsicles
Kiwi Popsicles
Kiwi Lollies


OK, these aren't sugar free, so maybe best after lunch, rather than supper for the kids, but they don't they look so goddamn hot?! 




Slice one kiwi into large slices to put at the end of each lolly. Make a sugar syrup by combining the water and sugar in a pan and letting it boil for 3 minutes with the occassional stir. Blend the rest of the kiwis in a food processor and then add to the syrup in a cold jug along wth the lemon juice. Pour into the lolly moulds and place a couple of slices of the kiwi at the end of each mould (see picture). Freeze for at least 5 hours or overnight.


What you need:


3 large ripe kiwi fruits

160 ml water

125ml sugar

30 ml of lemon or lime juice


Makes  3-4 lollies depending on the size of the mould.





Popsicles, Lollies & Frozen Delights

Banana Yoghurt Lollies Popsicles refined sugar free

Banana Yoghurt Lollies


Bananas go off so quickly in the summer, but don't throw them away!  Freeze them for smoothies and lollies. I think I almost prefer frozen bananas to fresh ones now...


What you need:


2 bananas

1 cup of plain, unsweetened yoghurt




When your bananas are about to go beyond the point of no return, peel them, chop them and place in ziplock bags in the freezer for later use, or before freezing, blend them with yoghurt (the ratio is fairly unimportant but the  above will work well.)


Pour into popsicle moulds and freeze.


Makes around 2 depending on the size of the mould





Tropical Popsicles made from coconut milk, mango & banana. Refined sugar free, dairy free and gf

Tropical Popsicles


(Try saying that after a glass of wine). These are dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar free!


What you need:


1 banana

1 mango

Half a can of coconut milk




Blend one banana, one mango and half a can of coconut milk until smooth then pour into popsicle moulds.


Makes 4 small ones.


Frozen Pomegranate Seeds
Like grapes, they also freeze well, and as well as being sweet and crunchy, they are high in antioxidants and vitamin C. They are also a great addition to a duck noodle salad.





Frozen Grapes!
Such a simple but effective idea... They freeze so well. When they come straight out the freezer they are obviously a touch hard but they defrost quickly since they are small and it's HOT here, so a few mins later they are almost like perfect balls of sorbet/sherbet given their high natural sugar content. Since void of refined sugar they are a great healthy snack option for kids, will last longer in this heat if you take them for packed lunches/picnics AND act as a natural icepack for whatever else you are carrying. Well I don't know about the kids but I am addicted, and ate all the grapes in the photo while typing this....





Peach Popsicles & Bellinis 


I loathe to waste food but today noticed a slightly rusty can of peaches lurking at the back of my cupboard that I was unlikely to use. Rather than throwing it out I decided to blitz the contents in the magimix, pouring the purée into popsicle moulds for the kids. More importantly, I reserved a fraction in a jam jar to make myself a bellini to drink after bathtime and congratulate myself on my excellent housekeeping! Everyone's a winner.


What you need:


Tin of peaches

Something bubbly (Champagne, Prosecco, sparkling wine)




Blend the contents of the can of peaches (fruit including syrup/fruit juice) and pour into popsicles moulds. Reserve a fraction in a jam jar to mix with something bubbly for a peach bellini.


Pumpkin Popsicles


Once you’ve made your Jack-o’-Lantern, reserve the flesh to make a quick pumpkin puree, which you can ripple through yoghurt and freeze for pumpkin popsicles. 

What you need:


100g pumpkin flesh, cut into 2 inch chunks

1 tablespoon maple syrup

½ teaspoon mixed spice powder

2 cups of unsweetened yoghurt


Peel your pumpkin and remove the seeds and cut into chunks, else use the flesh that you have removed to make your jack-o-lantern. Boil chunks in water for 5-10 minutes until tender then mash with the maple syrup and mixed spice powder. Then fold in the yoghurt and freeze for several hours, preferably overnight, for pumpkin lollies.


Makes 2-4 depending on the size of the mould.

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