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Safari Supper

This is one of those dinner parties only really possible in HK where it’s likely you live in a big development AND are friends with your neighbours AND that they are bang up for it! We are exceptionally lucky in the latter category and last weekend undertook our first “Safari Supper” with two other families in the building. The night began at our American/Korean friends, where ours kids dined together and the adults kicked off with champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Around 8pm, we sent the kids to bed and moved onto an Irishman's apartment for a highly calorific main course, chicken baked in cream, before finishing at ours for cheese, pudding and scotch (as well as  some dancing apparently, although my memory is a little hazy). We made a fairly retro strawberry pavlova using Delia Smith’s recipe​. She recommends making the meringue the night but whipping the cream close to serving time. My advice would be to start whipping before you start drinking, otherwise your kitchen ends up in a terrible mess... 

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