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Mango Menus' Guide to Dairy Shopping in HK





The more Western/international the supermarket, the better and finer the selection, with Great stocking some of the best in our opinion. Delivery is free for online orders over $500 which isn't hard to reach when you shop there(!) and do check our deals page for current offers on at Great! However for cheaper alternatives with greater variety and more delivery options, Mango Menus recommends:


Classified whose chain of cafés sell cheese, and will deliver a cheeseboard selection for  dinner party at home.


Les Halles Bordeaux, an online European retailer is selling three French Sheeps' cheeses, starting at $70 each. Delivery is $50 to HK island or free pick up from an MTR station.


Bayern Gourmet Food sells NZ cheddar for $70/kg. They are a German food retailer selling imported meat, fish as well as European groceries. Delivery is free for orders over $1000 or $50 to HK island.


Monsieur Chatté is a French online retailer who sells 49 varieties of French cheese including large platters for parties starting at $350, which is enough for 6-8 people. The cheeses depend on availability and season. 


The HK Football Club in Sportsman Drive, Happy Valley sells some European cheeses at VERY competitive prices in its small shop by the entrance. See receipt on right for prices in June 2014.


Marks and Spencer (various locations including Queens Road East and Cityplaza, (click here for Marks & Spencer location listing) sells a limited but similar selection to that you would find in the UK, with the usual HK import premium but not as expensive as in the international supermarkets.


Tenderloin - sells several cheeses with a minimum order per item of 1kg. These include NZ Cheddar, Gruyere, Emmenthal and Raclette.


GCX is a pizza restaurant in One Island South who also have a deli stocking Italian cheese including mozzarella, burrata and Parmesan. Address: Shop G09,One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road


Dutch cheese lovers should go to The Dutch Cheese store at 232 Queen's Road Central in Sheung Wan.




It’s hard to find milk in HK that you want to drink ice cold, by the glass. Some of it barely seems good enough to put in your coffee. And it tends to get worse in the hotter months, as the milk companies and supermarkets experience storage issues and a lot of it goes off. Farm Milk, however, is on another level. Phone 2832 9218 to order and they deliver free of charge every few days, depending on where you live. At 27 HKD per 1 litre carton, there are just 3 products: skimmed, semi-skimmed and full fat. It’s not organic but does come from hormone free Australian cows based in Shek Kong, New Territories. Additionally, the milk is delicious and my family guzzle it by the glass. If you need to pick some up in the shops, look out for Clover Organic (one of the most expensive) and Greenfields (the latter of which can be picked up more cheaply at the Football Club in Happy Valley FYI).




Mango Menus love the New Zealand free range organic variety, under the Woodlands brand, available in the Western supermarkets or online from South Stream Seafoods.


Also try those from Eat FRESH, the organic farm in the New Territories. 


Comparing the US and Dutch eggs from the brand Select, many find Dutch eggs to be far tastier.




Yoghurt is often expensive since imported, although there are a few local cheaper brands. Since dairy is not an Asian specialty, there is far more yoghurt selection in the international supermarkets such as Great, City’Super and Olivers. If you are time rich and cash poor, you can make your own using an EasyYo yoghurt maker (sold in most Taste supermarkets).


Kefir is sold in some large supermarkets (e.g. International) but if you would like to ferment your own, try taking a class from one of the gurus on the island, our favourites being Louise Kane Buckley from Loula Natural and Jacqueline Renee Cohen from Lantaumama.


Farmers' Cheeses

Farmers' Cheeses

Monsieur Chatte has 27 varieties of French cheese!

Farmers' Cheese Platter

Farmers' Cheese Platter is an online French food retailer selling Farmers' Cheeses. The above platter costs $448.

Receipt from HKFC

Receipt from HKFC

cheapest cheese in HK

Farm Milk

Farm Milk

Best tasting milk in HK from hormone free Australian cows. Free delivery.

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