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Mango Menus' Guide to Meat Shopping in Hong Kong



While you can buy local meat from the wet markets and imported meat from the supermarkets, for convenience, finer cuts, and organic, imported meat, Mango Menus recommend the following suppliers. There are also exclusive discounts for Mango Menus' readers.


Jett Foods is an online retailer selling premium frozen meats and seafood, all from overseas. Products include UDSA prime, US certified Angus Beef, Spanish Duroc pork, NZ lamb, NZ grassfed rib eye (Mango Menus highly recommends), sirloin and US 100% premium Berkshire pork mince, US organic chicken and seafood from all over the world. Competitive prices and 10% of first order, and a further 5% if you use the discount code mangomenus when you check out!


MM Fresh - supplies all natural, grassfed, chilled (and some frozen) lamb & beef from New Zealand. Their beef is wet aged in the pack and family portion vacuum packed at source. Delivers everywhere in HK apart from DB. Free delivery for orders over $1000 and no minimum spend or delivery charge for new customers. We highly recommend their lamb tenderloins, beef eye fillets,  grassfed beef and lamb mince.


Farmer's Kitchen: This online retailer just launched in Hong Kong and delivers naturally farmed, 100% grass fed chilled beef and lamb 5 days a week around Hong Kong.  With over 150 years experience in quality meat production and agricultural farming in Australia, they pride themselves on selling the highest quality beef and lamb that is hormone free, full of flavour and good for you. They also have a long standing relationship directly with the farmers in Australia that provide these quality products. Other fine food products are tried and tested before being added to their online store to ensure they only provide top quality products to their customers. 


Meat Market/The Meatery, shop B, G/F, Ka Yee Court, 23-27 Mosque Street, Central, HK. 8135 1394. Store and online delivery service. Offers premium Australian & international suppliers. Delivered vacuum packed, fresh or frozen (at source) on jelly ice. Free delivery for orders over $500.


Wholesome Eats is a new online supplier selling imported chilled meat, seafood and European vegetables. Meat products include US Black Angus beef, Australian Black Angus beef, US Wagyu and US Kurobuta pork.


Three Butchers - home delivery service for 100% grass fed Australian beef. Look out for their reasonably priced family pack of ribeye steaks, mince, sausages, stir fry meat and an eye fillet. They deliver pretty much everywhere, free for orders over $700 and $50 otherwise. Try Mango Menus' teriyaki recipe for the fillet.


Porterhouse- wide range of meats including USDA prime aged steaks, certified Angus beef and grain fed Australian Angus. Also sells Coleman organic chickens.


Pacific Gourmet  - mainly Australian and Norwegian imported meat.


Tenderloin - more gourmet selection including certified organic poultry, NZ & Argentine grass fed beef and Dutch milk fed veal.


South-Stream Seafood - Australian, US and some organic meat.


Gonzalo - supplies Glatt kosher frozen grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free meat, mainly from Uruguay. They also stock turkeys. No minimum order and $50 delivery fee on HK island, usually from the man himself. 


Fish Wives is a direct importer and distributor of Malaysian chicken and pasture fed hormone and antibiotic free NZ lamb and beef, (as well as NZ King Salmon (Kosher) and barramundi from Singapore). Delivery to HK is infrequent so please check the website for the next date.


TC Deli, in Hang Hau sells a wide range of imported regular meats (mainly Aussie and American) including free range poultry, ostrich, kangaroo and a large variety of fish, charcuterie, bakery items and patisseries. If you don't live locally, Mango Menus thoroughly recommends making a short day trip there and combining it with a steak lunch at Lardos just next door, who will even provide your kids with colouring pencils while you kick back with a glass of red.


Lung Wah is a retail and wholesale meat supplier based in Shek Tong Sui whose latest product list you can download here in Chinese. Email for the English version. They sell mostly frozen food, but also have chilled meat. Provenance includes Brazil, US, New Zealand, Australia, Holland, Spain and Scotland and they also stock organic/natural and hormone free products. For most steaks, pork chops and fish, they can cut the thickness and amount according to your liking. Delivery is free of charge for purchases exceeeding $1000. They deliver to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the NT and Ma Wan, but not to Tung Chung or the outlying Islands.

Woo Hing Hong (Frozen Meats), Matheson St, Causeway Bay (2891 8215). For cheaper imported meat, but not organic, try this wholesaler/retailer on the corner of Matheson St and Leighton Road, across from the hotel, Crowne Plaza. Cash only. Mon-Sat 09:00-18:00 Sun 09:00-17:00. To give you an idea of prices in September 2014, the IBP brand (US Choice) of beef rib fingers (perfect for long braises, slow smoking or thin slice grilling) was $48/lb with each pack coming in at just under $100.


For slightly cheaper still, drive 30 minutes out of town to Sai Kung. Shek Kee Frozen Meat Company is a very basic retail outlet in 17 Kung Tack Lung Back. It is in the alley behind the bar called Steamers, just past Baboushka, the children’s clothes shop. It’s worth driving there the first time, so you can see what you are buying. Second time around (for orders over $2000), you can fax your order to 2792 1995 and have it delivered. Open 7 days a week, 8.30-5.30pm, shutting for lunch 12-1pm.


Members of the HK Football Club and other clubs can order imported meat at discounted prices.


MM Fresh

MM Fresh

NZ Grassfed, wet aged, fresh chilled, beef & lamb - no minimum order or delivery fee for new customers

Bloody Fillet Teriyaki Style

Bloody Fillet Teriyaki Style

Jett Foods

Jett Foods

10% off first orders and 5% when you mention Mango Menus

Lamb Tenderloin Stir Fry

Lamb Tenderloin Stir Fry

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