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Yumberries - do they live up to their name?

Yumberries! Do they live up to their name? Otherwise known as yangmei or Chinese bayberry or waxberry, these are native to China, typically grown around the Yangtze River. Since the trees are resilient to disease they likely to be grown organically and without the use of pesticides. They are also hailed as a new superfood in that they contain the highest concentration known of OPCs, one of the most powerful antioxidants supporting every metabolic system in the body as well as high levels of vitamin C. They are only in season in June and I saw the first ones in the wet market this morning at a mere $10 a punnet. However do NOT do what I did and try one on the way home. They need to be thoroughly washed and soaked in salt water for 20-30 mins as worms may live under the surface (nice) plus this is supposed to bring out the flavour, which is a little sweet & sour. Then you can eat them as they are, juice them, preserve them, mix with yoghurt or use as a dye. I just popped one in my water kefir... What will you do with yours??!!

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