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Having a BBQ and making a rub for your meat? Don't throw out the leftovers... Well, obviously for food hygiene purposes, any rub which has touched the raw meat should be discarded, but for any virgin rub (if that is the politically correct term), you can store it in a ziplock bag/jar and use it to coat your popcorn!

We had a barbecue a couple of weeks ago where we made the Memphis Dust Rub for our pulled pork, created by the one and only "barbecue whisperer", Meathead Goldwynn. With a jar of leftover rub whose dominant ingredients include brown sugar and paprika, we decided to coat our popcorn in it for a movie night. Having already popped the corn, we melted a knob of butter in a frying pan, added the corn and a generous sprinkling (perhaps 1 tablespoon) of rub and cooked it for a few minutes until the butter melted and caramelised the sugar in the rub. The outcome was buttery, salty, sweet, spicy and very moreish. Then we made some more...

Interested to hear any other interesting popcorn flavours you have made at home so do comment or email me! X

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