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Kids' Birthdays - easy recipe ideas, buying in bulk plus an amazing offer from The Sweet Tooth F

Last year I had the pleasure of tasting cake every weekend as the official blogger (yes, that's a job) for Battle of the Bakers HK. We met some exceptional talent which is why it's no surprise that a few of the finalists have teamed up as The Sweet Tooth Fairies, responsible for creating my son's birthday cake this year. They have a great introductory deal whereby if you would like them to make a certain cake in their "to do" list (contact them for this), they will charge you "at cost" only. Not only is their decoration and creativity admirable; the actual cake is delicious and made from high quality ingredients. We chose a lemon cake with a rich chocolate ganache - which also seems to go down well at breakfast time the next day! Contact The Sweet Tooth Fairies for enquiries.

p.s. Fireman Sam in the top right corner is a pretty good representation of how I feel after a 3 year old's birthday party...

On the subject of kids' parties, if you do have one coming up that you plan to cater yourself, here are some simple recipe ideas I put together for my daughter's fourth birthday earlier in the year. I am a lousy baker, so I promise these are not technically challenging!

And if you are looking to buy cartons of fruit juice, packets of crisps, chocolate bars for party bags etc, it's worth taking a look at International Fine Foods. The new manager, Ilona Sugarman, is looking to create a "mini Cost-co", so give her a call on 9383 3406 if you would like a tour of the store in Aberdeen and see what's on offer.

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