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Lily & Bloom

Is there anyone who doesn't love an espresso martini? These particular ones are from Lily & Bloom where we had an excellent meal on Saturday night, as per usual. In a city with a high turnover of eateries, it's always a good sign when a restaurant, such as this one, has been around for a while.

Of note that evening were the rock lobster salad with a spicy, zingy papaya salad pictured above, the truffled mash (omg), truffled fries (omg again), lobster mac & cheese and the rhubarb cocktail. For my main course I chose one of the signature dishes involving ribs, a pork chop and red cabbage. While the meat cuts were perfectly cooked, this dish was slightly uneventful otherwise. The luxurious sides really stole the show, in particular the truffled mash with its crunchy topping which made it feel as if one were diving into a creme brulee. Speaking of which, this was the actual topping of my marmalade cocktail, and equally enjoyable.

Finishing off a perfectly executed meal was a round of espresso martinis, which seem to have become to the 21st century what Irish coffees were to the last. However, we felt the preceeding courses outdid the desserts. My sundae's description sounded like everything naughty in one bowl, but was perhaps a little chaotic in flavours and textures including an overly salted crunchy topping. The brioche and butter pudding was the best of those we chose, although dare I say I slightly prefer my own recipe for that.

I hadn't been to Lily and Bloom for a few years but it seemed even better than before (possibly because I don't get out much right now?!), although when we walked through the bar to leave, I did suddenly feel very old. Has everyone just got a lot younger in HK or have I actually got really old?! ‪

T: 2810 6166E: info@lily-bloom.com 5/F & 6/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

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