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Mango Menus' Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving Shopping in HK

Read below about where in Hong Kong to buy uncooked turkeys, organic turkeys, precooked turkeys with all the trimmings, and most importantly, dessert!


Where do I buy an uncooked turkey in HK?


Parknshop -US Butterball whole turkeys weighing 11-20lb priced at $31.5lb, thus approx. $345-$630.

-US Norbest whole turkeys from 10-24lb priced at $20.9 per lb, thus approx. $209 to $501.

-Frozen US Mary's Free range Whole Turkey 10-12 lbs priced at $52.9 per lb, thus approx $581. Free-range, vegetarian fed, gluten free, no antibiotics, no preservatives, no hormones. Click here for more details on Mary's. Order online at least 6 days in advance, by 21st Nov. Turkey orders considered separate to other Parknshop orders. Free delivery for orders of $500.

Olivers sells frozen US turkeys at $47 per kg.

Great sells Mary's free range frozen US turkeys with currently two left (!) instore weighing around 19 lbs costing around $1970 each.

City’Super - French ‘Label Rouge’ chilled Ttrkeys can be pre-ordered. Turkeys are from the SWof France and are raised outdoors, resulting in tender and tasty meat. Prices are seasonal - see instore. Also look out for Libby’s Pumpkin Pie, Pepperidge Farm Stuffing, US cranberries, Japanese pumpkin, US Yukon gold potatoes, Australian parsnips, US collard greens and US brussel sprouts.

Woo Hing Hong Frozen Meats, Matheson St, Causeway Bay - frozen US turkeys at $17.6 per lb. Call 2891 8215.

Sun Fa Frozen Meats, 17 Kung Tack Lung Back, Sai Kung, NT offers unbeatable value with its US turkeys at $17 per lb. Call 2792 6248. For directions read Mango Menus' Meat Guide.




Golden Goose Gourmet - sells US whole turkeys (chilled/frozen) 12-13 lbs, $428. Serves 12-15 people and should fit most HK ovens. Delivery free for orders over $600.

Jett Foods -Offers unbeatable value with 10-12 lb US turkeys at $205 each. Delivery free over $500.

Tenderloin- French organic whole frozen turkeys:  4-5 kilos; ECOCERT certified, priced at $130 per kilo, thus approx. $585. Also US non-organic turkey whole: 10-12 lbs or 20-22 lbs at $60 per kg. All frozen. Small ones take 2 days to defrost, the larger ones take 3-4 days.

Delivers to HK Island, Kowloon and, NT.  Discovery Bay possible - call.

Leo’s Fine Foods -US Whole Turkey Frozen 10-12lbs . $37 per kg thus approx. $407.  Spend over $1000 to avoid the $150 delivery charge.

South Stream Seafoods -Frozen Butterball turkeys from 10--24 lb ($255-533) NB - these have nearly all sold out apart from the 12-14lb. Frozen US Eberly Organic Turkey from 8-16lbs, priced $773 - $1287. Click here for more info on Eberly Poultry.

-Frozen US Norbest Turkey ranging in size from 10-20lbs and priced from $255 - $459, but nearly all weights almost sold out.

Gonzalo Kosher Meat & General Food sells grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free turkey. Last orders are this week. Email or check out his Facebook page.





Where do i buy a turkey in HK for Thanksgiving?

Where can I buy a hormone-free/organic turkey in HK?


Tenderloin - uncooked, frozen French organic whole turkeys: 4- 5 kg, and $130 per kg. ECOCERT certified. Delivers to HK Island, Kowloon, NT,  DB deliveries to be advised.


Mandarin Oriental - pre-cooked Welsh organic turkeys ($4888 for a 10 lb turkey) with two weeks' notice. Click here for order form.


South Stream SeafoodsUncooked frozen US Eberly Organic Turkey ranging in size from 8-16lbs and prices from  approx $773 - $1287. Click here for more detail on Eberly poultry.


Jason's sells Diestel organic turkeys from California - $799 for a 10-12 lb bird.


Gonzalo Kosher Meat & General Food sells grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free turkey. $125 per kg. 2 size - 5.5-6.5kg and 8-9kg. Email and check out his Facebook page


Porterhouse did stock “Heritage” Free range & Organic Turkey 11-12lbs but now sold out.


Which stores/online retailers, hotels, restaurants and clubs are selling precooked turkey with all the trimmings in Hong Kong?


Golden Goose Gourmet- Spiral-Cut Honey Glazed Ham –$690 serves 15-18 persons; roasted Turkey & Trimmings - $1,080 – serves 10 -12 persons; Salt Roasted Prime Rib – $2,680 serves 10-12 persons. Plenty of side dishes, cold selections and pies from Tai Tai Pie Pies. Catering orders during Nov and Dec. to receive  gift voucher worth 10% of total order. Delivery free over $600. 72 hours’ notice for all orders. Premium serviceware may be added to any order for an additional charge. Click here for the pdf of all home catering options.


City’Super - selling roasted US Jumbo Turkey with Foie Gras and Chestnut Stuffing for  $898.


Great offers a set turkey dinner to serve 8-10 people for $15oo. 4 days' notice required.


Oliver's sells US precooked turkeys in a chilled state that you need to reheat. Ring 2810 7710 or email Order form will come out this week.


Which restaurants & hotels offer catered packages?


Mandarin Oriental, Mango Menus' favourite (!) offers various catering packages for US non-organic turkey, Welsh organic turkey (2 weeks’ notice and $4888 each) and . Packages start at $1988. Click here for order form. Delivery throughout HK and NT. Click here for an information form on cooking the turkeys and ingredients in the gravy, stuffing etc. 


Fat Angelos offer take home delivery for a turkey set dinner for 8 people  at  $1788. Click here for details and order form


Go Gourmet (part of Magnolia Kitchen) offers precooked 10-14 lb traditional turkeys as well as those with an ‘injection’ of Cajun spices, spiral cut hams, pies (Louisiana Honey Pecan Pie is one...) and interesting sides.  Minimum one week's notice required. Download the product list/order  form here.  This one also comes highly recommended my Mango Menus!


Island Gourmet at the Shangri La offers 4 and 6kg pre-cooked Vermont turkeys for the home. Call 2820 8550, or click here for the product list and order form.


Main St, the Deli, Langham, 8 Peking Road, TST, HK - $1188 for 6-10 people and $1888 for 16-20 people. 10% off orders in November. Ring 2132 7898


Which clubs offer catered packages? 


Hong Kong Football Club offers members pre-cooked turkeys and hams with all the trimmings starting at $750. Download the order form here. 


The Aberdeen Marina Club offers members two sizes starting at $868. Pick up from the club. Download the order form here.


The Aberdeen Boat Club offers members turkeys from 5-10kg ranging from $680-1000, plus trimmings & desserts. Call 2555 6216 for the order form.


The Ladies Recreation Club offers precooked tom turkeys to members. Please ring 3199 3500 for details or click here for the order form.


The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club offers precooked turkeys to members weighing 6-7kg at $120 per kg. Click here for the order form.


The American Club offers precooked US Butterball turkeys, starting at $1100 for a 12 lb bird,  as well as other roast dishes, sides and pies. Click here for the order form.


The Hong Kong Cricket Club offers cooked turkeys for takeaway along with other roasts and party foods. 72 hours' notice required and pick up only. Click here for the order form. 

Mango Menus' Guide to Thanksgiving in HK

Fully booked for Nov. 28th

Last otders were Nov. 18th

Mango Menus' Thanksgiving Tips


- When buying a turkey, allow 1lb per person, including weight with all the bones.

- Make sure your oven is big enough –many HK ovens aren’t; if not order a pre-cooked one. 

- Turkeys weighing 10-12 lbs take 10-14 hours to defrost, the larger ones can take a few days.

- Make Mango Menus' easy cranberry sauce – click here for recipe

- Getting stressed is a normal part of cooking a turkey. Mix a champagne cocktail before you start. This should help.



Tai Tai Pie Pies boast a wonderful selection of artisanal homemade sweet and savoury pies. Look out for the All American Apple Pie, Silky Sweet Potato Pie, Pumpkin and Spice Pie, the Spiked (with dark Rum) Pumpkin and Spice Pies as well as the Wholly Heavens Pecan and Wholly Heavens Chocolate Sin Pecan Pies. From $400 for a 9.5” pie and the option for bite size portions. Order online for delivery 2 days later, visit Great Food Hall in the basement of Pacific Place, Admiralty or add onto your order at Golden Goose Gourmet.


Baked. is a small bakery we met at the Island East Farmers' market last Sunday in Quarry Bay. They offer American nostalgia via their apple, pumpkin, pecan and sweet potato pies. These can be ordered at


Passion, 74-80 Johnston Road, Wan Chai is also worth a visit.

If you are baking at home, and need pie dishes try the baking section of City 'Super.


Where do I buy pumpkin and apple pies in HK?
Mango Menus' Guide to Thanksgiving in HK
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