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Frozen Pomegranate Seeds!

Frozen Pomegranate Seeds! Not my idea, but one of Mango Menus' readers, and just like the Frozen Grapes post from last week (albeit slightly more time consuming getting the damn seeds out...). Like grapes, they too have a high natural sugar content so freeze like perfect little pellets of sorbet/sherbet. An ideal healthy treat for the kids to replace raisens in this HOT weather as they stay cool for longer and act as a natural icepack to whatever else you are carrying. For the adults, I love these in a warm lamb salad with mint leaves, peas and feta - or they also go well in this duck noodle salad. Pomegranates had become a bit pricey in the supermarkets round here, but I spotted this Peruvian beauty in Parknshop for just $16.1o this morning, so fill your boots and freeze them!

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