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HK Christmas Food Shopping 

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Other Meats 


MM Fresh Food  sells NZ chilled grass-fed beef and lamb. The eye fillet halves are an ideal size for a family roast and can be cooked in under 30 minutes. There are also fresh NZ lamb racks, legs of lamb, free range pork sausage rolls as well as seafood detailed above. Free delivery for new customers spending over $350 with the checkout code FIRSTTIME and get $50 0ff Christmas hampers for orders before December 19th.


Farmer's Kitchen sells Aussie produce including grass-fed beef, chickens, Tasmanian salmon and 5 kg hams on the bone, double smoked. delivered 22, 23, 24 December but orders will close off earlier in the month.


Three Butchers sells Australian grass-fed beef & lamb from Victoria in Australia.


The Butchers Club sell Turducken Roulade which combines US corn fed turkey, maple leaf duck, free range chicken and foie gras for $2400 each. There are also turkey & cranberry sausages.


South Stream Seafoods sells frozen Eberly natural free range geese and Aussie ducks and hams (whole, and half, all free farmed).


Read our guide to meat shopping in HK for other suppliers, for chicken, read our guide to chicken shopping in HK and for bacon & sausages, read our  pork guide.




Eat FRESH supplies organic fruits & veggies, locally grown in the N.T. and also has selection of festive hampers you can view here. Not only is this a more conscious gift to bestow, it will also earn you $ credits for your next shop at EatFRESH!


Check out The Fresh Grower for veggies and fruit from New Zealand and enjoy 5% for orders over $450 when you quote Mango Menus.


Green Little Frog imports veggies and fruit from Thailand. 




If you're looking for hors d'oeuvres or an alternative to turkey, Mango Menus recommends:


MM Fresh Food - fresh award winning NZ Ora King salmon, Tasmanian smoked salmon, wild snapper and other sustainable seafood. Free delivery for new customers spending over $350 with the checkout code "FIRSTTIME".


Food Factory has Scottish smoked salmon and a large range of caviar.


Fish Wives -  sells fresh Akaroa and Regal NZ king salmon, wood roasted  and smoked salmon. Limited delivery dates, so do check their website.


South Stream Seafoods stocks Australian smoked salmon.

Porterhouse has Canadian lobster tails, Raspberry Point oysters from Nova Scotia (enjoyed by HRH Will & Kate!) and crabmeat.


Tenderloin has whole Scottish and Norwegian salmons, Scottish smoked salmon, Norwegian gravadlax, lobster tails and more.


Desserts and Puddings


Most of the supermarkets sell Christmas puddings and other desserts, but here are some other interesting options and delivery services.


Rose Petal Cakery makes bespoke cakes including  a "naked range" this Christmas: gingerbread spice, decadent chocolate fruit cake, mini Christmas cakes and cranberry & macadamia cookies. Email Anouska for enquiries.


Tai Tai Pie Pies sells a selection of artisanal homemade sweet and savoury pies including gluten-free versions.


HKbreadbox is a bakery based in Stanley who deliver throughout HK. They are baking some special European Christmas cookies, available in big and small boxes as well as Christmas stollen.


MAKE YOUR OWN MINCE PIES - it's so quick and easy and your kids will love to help! Click here for Mango Menus' mince pie recipe.


Cheese & Wine


Buy organic Godminster cheddar (Mango Menus' favourite British cheese!) from GMT Foods by contacting them here...


Food Factory offers a cheese platter for $448 where you select up to 1kg in 5 French cheeses. This serves 8-10 people and can be delivered Monday to Friday with 5 days' notice.


Terroirs offer European cheese at competitive prices including a Farmer Cheese platter on special offer at $448. This should serve 10 people.


Classified deliver cheese boxes (English, French & European) from $155 + $50 delivery fee.


Porterhouse sells cheese including Bitto and a few ports.


Leo's Fine Food sell Swiss cheeses and NZ cheddar at good prices, but the minimum order size is pretty big; ideal for a "big" family of cheese eaters.


Tenderloin - sells several cheeses with a minimum order per item of 1kg.


Read more places to buy cheese in HK


Mango Menus' Christmas Tips


When buying a turkey, allow 1lb per person, including weight with all the bones. Add on a bit more if you want leftovers!


Make sure your oven is big enough –many HK ovens aren’t; if not order a pre-cooked one. 


Turkeys weighing 10-12 lbs take 10-14 hours to defrost. The larger ones can take a few days.


To safely cook a turkey,  it must reach an internal temperature of 165F (~75C). The use a meat thermometer while cooking is needed to check and monitor the temperature while cooking.


Make Mango Menus' easy cranberry sauce.


Getting stressed is a normal part of Christmas and cooking a turkey. Mix a champagne cocktail as soon as you wake up. This should help.

Where can I buy a raw turkey in HK, how much is it and where does it come from?


Jett Foods is Mango Menus' best value option online selling US frozen Norbest turkeys 14-16lbs at $29.9/lb and may have some 10-12lbs birds closer to the time.  Get 10% off with your first order and a further 5% if you mention Mango MenusThey also giving away a different item each day for the 12 days of Christmas from 12th-23rd December. The item will be announced each morning on Facebook, with the item following the order date, not the delivery date. This will be for orders over $500.


Great sells frozen French Label Rouge turkeys from 3-10kg, French chilled turkeys from 4-8kg, US Mary's free range frozen US turkeys, heritage turkeys and organic turkeys from 3.5-9.5kg. Mary's are raised with ample outdoor pastures for roaming;  from quadruple the living space of typical turkey farms and eat a healthy, grain-rich diet void of antibiotics, animal by-products, hormones, preservatives and additives. Great also sells geese, duck, hams, and festive roasts. Download the Great order form here and order before 19th Dec. for delivery on 23rd Dec.


The Butchers Club sells 6kg free-range Australian turkeys for $900 each. These are from NS Wales.


City Super sell organic chilled turkeys from France which are freely-roamed with access to the outdoors and are fed with organic feeds.


Porterhouse sells Mary's "Heritage" free range and organic turkeys from 10-13lbs.


Gonzalo Kosher Meat & General Food sells grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free turkeys in 1 size 6.5kg ($185/kg).


South Stream Seafoods sells frozen US Norbest, frozen AUS Steggies, and frozen Inglewood Organic. 


Pacific Gourmet sells Australian frozen turkeys from 3-7kg.


Meatmarket has an early bird discount of 15% off festive fayre, which ends December 1st. You can get the coupon for this from the Meatmarket Facebook page.


Leo’s Fine Foods -US frozen turkey 6kg  approx with $50/kg. Spend over $1000 to avoid the $150 delivery charge or pick up for free from their warehouse in Aberdeen.


Lung Wah sells frozen US turkeys at $18/lb. Minimum order for free delivery is $1000 but you can pick up smaller orders from their store in Shek Tong Tsui. Download the order form here.


Where is the best value turkey?




Jett Foods is Mango Menus' best value option online selling US frozen Norbest turkeys from $29/lb. Read about Norbest hereAlso, get 10% off with your first order and a further 5% if you mention Mango Menus. 




Lung Wah sells frozen US turkeys weighing 10-12lbs at $20/lbs and smaller French baby turkeys weighing 3.5-6lbs at $42/lb. Minimum order for free delivery is $1000 but you can pick up smaller orders from their store in Shek Tong Tsui. Download the order form here.


Sun Fa Frozen Meats, 17 Kung Tack Lung Back, Sai Kung, NT.  Call 2792 6248. For directions to reach this hidden spot, read Mango Menus' Meat Guide.


Woo Hing Hong Frozen Meats, Matheson St, Causeway Bay sella frozen US turkeys (no prices yet, but last year they were one of the cheapest). Call 2891 8215. Pick up only. 


CHEAPEST ORGANIC - email us if we are wrong!

Tenderloin - frozen French ECOCERT certified organic whole turkeys: 3-4kg, and $130/kg. These turkeys are bred without hormones, additives and pesticides, fed on organically grown grain with a grazing area of 4-6 metres per animal.  







15% off Jett

15% off Jett

Cheapest turkeys online, 10% off first order and a further 5% if you quote Mango Menus

Secret Ingredient's Turkey Ballotine

Secret Ingredient's Turkey Ballotine

Make this yourself in 30 minutes with a Secret Ingredient delivery!

Canapes from Go Gourmet

Canapes from Go Gourmet

Remove the stress of entertaining

Organic Turkeys

Read Mango Menus' Guide to Christmas Food Shopping in Hong Kong | Raw Turkeys | Organic TurkeysChristmas Dinner Takeway Options | Other Festive Roasts (I don't like turkey!) | Healthy | Veggies | FishCheese | Puddings & Desserts 

5% off digital meat thermometers

5% off digital meat thermometers

use the code MANGO15

10% off Foodie Gifts

10% off Foodie Gifts

from Crafted 852. Quote MANGO

5% off Il Mattarello pasta

5% off Il Mattarello pasta

quote Mango Menus

"Naked" Christmas Cakes

"Naked" Christmas Cakes

at the Rose Petal Cakery

5% off One Organic

5% off One Organic

Quote Mango Menus

Free-range pork sausage rolls

Free-range pork sausage rolls

from MM Fresh Food

Organic Cheddar

Organic Cheddar

from GMT Foods

Organic Hampers!

Organic Hampers!

from EatFRESH

MM Fresh Food

MM Fresh Food

NZ Ora King Salmon from MM Fresh

Fresh Grower
Where can I buy an organic turkey in HK?


Great sells frozen US Mary's organic and Heritage turkeys.


Porterhouse - sells Mary's “Heritage” free range & organic turkeys from 10-13lbs.


Tenderloin - frozen French ECOCERT certified organic whole turkeys: 3.5-5 kg, and $130/kg. These turkeys are bred without hormones, additives and pesticides, fed on organically grown grain with a grazing area of 4-5 metres per animal.  


South Stream Seafoods sell frozen Inglewood organic turkeys.


City Super sell organic chilled turkeys from France which are freely-roamed with access to the outdoors and are fed with organic feeds.


Which stores/online retailers, hotels, restaurants and clubs are selling precooked turkey and other roasts in HK?


Go Gourmet offers precooked 10-14 lb traditional turkeys, smoked turkeys as well as limited number of their special Magnolia turkeys which are ‘injected’ with a blend of Cajun spices, and coated inside and out with a homemade sage butter. They also have bone-in hams and interesting sides including cranberry bourbon relish and Louisiana stuffing.  Minimum one week's notice required.  Click here for the order form.


Mandarin Oriental, one of Mango Menus' favourites, sells pre-cooked turkeys with all the trimmings with a single turkey starting at $2088, which can be carved for an extra $250. The mash potato at $198/kg is not to be missed also and gives Joel Robuchon a run for his money! Delivery throughout HK & NT. Click here for the order form and order >2 days in advance.


Great offers a set turkey (Mary's free range 7kg turkey) dinner to serve 10-12 people for $15oo and a glazed holiday ham set to server 10-12 for $1800. 4 days' notice required. Find the order form here.


Jason's Marketplace sells 2 complete turkey sets starting at $2028 for a 9lb turkey + ham + salmon + more, or $3488 for  14lb turkey + ham + salmon. Note these sets have a lot of extras e.g. large one includes a 500g ham, lamb moussaka, mulled wine and antipasti. You can add on items too. Orders should be placed by 19th Dec. with 4 days' notice and the delivery deadline is January 4th. Free delivery for the sets, otherwise pre-orders >$1500 enjoy free delivery.


Island Gourmet at the Shangri La offers 4 and 6kg pre-cooked Vermont turkeys for the home from $680. Call 2820 8330.


Clubs - for their members only, but maybe you can ask your friend....


Hong Kong Football Club - cooked turkeys and hams with all the trimmings starting at $780. They also sell Ozzy beef meatballs and Beef Wellington. 


The Aberdeen Boat Club -  cooked turkeys from 5-10kg ranging from $690, plus trimmings & desserts. Call 2555 6216 for booking enquiries and download the order form here.


The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club also has a F&B package including roast turkey, ham, lamb rack and rib of beef. Download the order form here.


The Hong Kong Cricket Club -cooked US turkeys, ham, beef and other roasts plus lots of party food dishes with 72 hours' notice. Click here for the full list and order form. 




Other Meats
Secret Ingredient delivers ingredients for you to cook gourmet recipes designed by their Head Chef 30 minutes or less! They have 2 Christmas dishes from Dec 1st:
1. Wagyu Steak with Bacon Brussels Sprouts and Cheesy Potato Mash with Red Wine Gravy $350
2. Christmas Turkey Ballotine with Roasted Root Vegetables and Bacon-Green Bean Salad (A Family Roast), pictured above.  Secret Ingredient de-bones  (by hand) a full turkey and then roll the meat in their homemade stuffing before allowing you to sear and roast it in your oven for the utmost fresh roast! Priced at $950 (early-bird from Dec 1-14th) / $1200 (after Dec. 14th).


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